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Reflective Practice: Formation and Supervision in Ministry

Reflective Practice’s Intention

Reflective Practice: Formation & Supervision in Ministry is a journal that seeks to understand, expand, and promote theory learning and reflection in the practice of supervision and formation in various ministries from pluralistic multi-faith perspectives.

Reflective Practice’s Mission

Reflective Practice is an annual journal containing information from Spiritual Directors, CPE Supervisors, theological field educational directors, and other authors

Reflective Practice’s Goals

The goals of the journal Reflective Practice: Formation & Supervision in Ministry are:

  • To preserve and extend the field of supervision and training in ministry formation through the written word
  • To encourage potential authors to become publi shed contributors
  • To enrich and expand our understanding and practice of supervision and training in ministry by including new participants and perspectives in our critical reflection on this work

Reflective Practice’s History

After a 28 years of publication as The Journal of Supervision & Training in Ministry in the Chicago area, the journal now known as Reflective Practice: Formation & Supervision in Ministry is now published by an Editorial Board in the Berkeley, California area under the leadership of the Editor, the Rev. Dr. Herbert Anderson. 

In 2011 (Volume 31), Reflective Practice became a free journal published at the website of the Public Knowledge Project of Simon Fraser University.

Reflective Practice is no longer organically related to JPCP Inc, but we are happy to support its publication mission.

You can access and read Reflective practice at