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The Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling publishes peer reviewed articles relating to Pastoral/Spiritual Care, Counseling, and Education.  Brief essays, reflections, and poems about Pastoral/Spiritual Care experiences may be published on a space-available basis.  We are especially interested in the following types of manuscripts:

(1) concrete and detailed reports of significant items of spiritual/pastoral care work, with discussion

(2) novel research studies and studies building upon previous research of importance to the spiritual/pastoral care mission of religious communities

(3) articles advancing understanding of the practice of Clinical Pastoral Education and Pastoral Counseling/Psychotherapy

(4) articles that explore the distinctive as well as the common characteristics of Ministry/Spiritual Care in relation to other helping professions and/or institutions

Manuscript Submission

All writers must first register with JPC&C on-line at the URL .  Registration guidance is located in the lower right alley under the heading Information for Authors.  Once registered, authors log-off and then log-on again using the username and password selected at Registration.  Once logged in, select the Author option following the instructions for submissions.  A cover letter identifying the nature of the submission and the contribution it makes to the existing literature in spiritual/pastoral care should be uploaded to the Editor.  For article submissions, a 75-word abstract should be uploaded when prompted, after which prompts for up-loading a single-spaced manuscript, preferably in Times New Roman font size 11.  Manuscripts should not exceed 14 pages (including references, tables, etc.)  Tables, charts, and graphs should be generated using standardized templates available through MS Word or Word Perfect.  Longer articles may be accepted at the discretion of the Editor and peer reviewers.  Manuscripts are to be prepared according to APA style as described in the Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th ed., 2001 or newer).  Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to reprint previously published materials (e.g., extensive quotations; illustrations, and tables, figures, and charts).

Once submissions are successfully uploaded, an auto-generated e-mail letter acknowledging the receipt of the manuscript is sent to the author(s).  The review process begins as promptly as is feasible.  Authors are able to follow the review process on-line and are able to read reviewers’ assessments, comments, and recommendations as they are posted.  Once all reviewers have completed their reviews, the editor’s decision will be sent to the author.   Accepted submissions are placed in queue for publication; The Journal routinely maintains a 10-18 month backlog of manuscripts.   An edited copy of the manuscript is sent to the first author shortly before the anticipated date of publication.  The Journal is published online quarterly each March, June, September, and December.

All submissions must reflect the ethical standards of the pastoral associations sponsoring JPCP, Inc.  Information about these associations may be obtained at the websites of these organizations (see for contact information and the Mission History of JPCP Inc. and JPC&C).  Additionally, contact data for these organizations are located on the inside back cover of the most recent issue of The Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling.


Authors transfer copyright of accepted articles to the Journal of Pastoral Care Publications, Inc.  By doing so, authors guarantee that an article is original, that it has not been previously published, and that any clinical material is written in such a way as to protect personal identities.  Authors submitting brief items such as poetry, personal reflection essays, and letters to the editor should obtain guidelines from the Editorial Office of The Journal.


Author Access To Published Articles

Authors who do not otherwise have access to The Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling by personal subscription, through membership in a sponsoring organization, or through institutional library will be provided with complimentary online access for the published issues in which their articles appear and for 3 subsequent on-line issues. Unlimited access to the author’s published articles continues after the limited subscription expiration date. Most authors have found that printing the Table of Contents and the article suffices for academic review purposes.  If necessary, other options may be discussed with the Managing Editor.

Writers please review the Tables of Content and Abstracts for Current and Archival issues published at for assistance in
determining whether your article fits the mandate of JPC&C as described above