missionThe Mission of JPCP Inc. is to advance theory and professional practice through scholarly and reflective publications.

The Vision of JPCP Inc. is advancing theory and professional practice through scholarly and reflective literature on pastoral and spiritual care, counseling, psychotherapy, education, and research.

Mission History


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The Journal dates its origin back to 1947 when the Journal of Clinical Pastoral Work, published by the Council for Clinical Training, and The Journal of Pastoral Care, published by the Institute of Pastoral Care, began publishing separately. In 1950, the two groups joined together to publish The Journal of Pastoral Care. The Council for Clinical Training, Inc, the Institute for Pastoral Care, The Association of Clinical Pastoral Educators and the Department of Institutional Chaplaincy and Clinical Pastoral Education of the Lutheran Council in the U.S.A. merged to form the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) in 1967, and The Journal ownership was transferred to ACPE.

In 1969, the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, Inc (AAPC), began purchasing subscriptions for its members. The Canadian Association for Pastoral Education (CAPE) did likewise in 1972. Then ACPE invited AAPC and CAPE each to name a member to the Journal’s Board of Managers.

In 1982, the Board of Managers invited other pastoral care groups to join in publishing The Journal of Pastoral Care. The Association of Mental Health Clergy, Inc, the American Protestant Correctional Chaplains, Inc, and the College of Chaplains of American Protestant Hospital Association, Inc, joined in this publication cooperative.

The formation of Journal of Pastoral Care Publications Inc in 1994 is the result of deliberations of these founding pastoral care groups. Its mission is to continue providing a forum through publications for sharing professional knowledge, experience and innovative developments in pastoral ministries. The list of current Member Associations can be found here. These associations are involved in support of JPCP Inc and name the members of the Board of Managers of JPCP Inc.

In addition to publishing The Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling (name change instituted in 2002), JPCP Inc has published several books and monographs. Some of these have been converted to “print on demand” – and newer books are being published in that way with an e-book option.

JPCP Inc is a registered not-for-profit corporation in the state of Georgia.