archiveWhen looking for past issues of JPC&C, it is important to remember that The Journals name, prior to 2003, was the Journal of Pastoral Care.

When looking for archived information, it is often a good idea to have a conversation with the reference librarian in a theological library.

All issues of JPC(&C) back to 1968 can be found at the SAGE Publications platform (login at We anticipate that, eventually, all archival issues will be found there.

Meantime, all issues of JPC(&C) and of the Journal of Clinical Pastoral Work (which merged with JPC after a few issues) back to Vol 1:1 (1947) can be found in ATLAS (the Serials project of the American Theological Library Association). There are a few of the early issues missing from that collection. JPCP Inc. is grateful to Gregg Taylor and his colleagues at ATLA who were so enthusiastic about the project and to countless individuals who donated or loaned treasured copies of the early issues so that they could be digitized.

Note that ATLAS is an “archive” – so issues for the current and previous year cannot be accessed in ATLAS.

Members of JPCP Member Associations and Individual subscribers to JPC&C have access to JPC(&C) from 1968 forward at the SAGE platform (

Access to the pre-1968 issues in ATLAS is limited to persons who have access via their institution’s membership in ATLAS.