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friendsThe Journal of Pastoral Care Publications Inc. is a not-for-profit agency founded by several of the professional associations in the fields of pastoral care, counseling, and education. Several Member Associations appoint JPCP’s Board of Managers and provide about 20% of JPCP Inc’s annual operating budget of $70,000 through member assessments.

The rest of JPCP Inc’s budget is derived from subscriptions, advertising, book sales, and other revenue from service provision, and from support from the pastoral care and counseling community.

We believe our publications provide important leadership and opportunity for dialogue for those of us who work and teach in the pastoral/spiritual care and counseling field. Current revenue sources are barely enough to cover basic expenses. Your support is essential to maintain a strong and thriving guild in this field.

This is an invitation to become a “Friend of JPCP Inc.” As a “Friend” you will assist us in this ministry of publishing and distributing publications in the pastoral/spiritual care, counseling, and education field.

Our Goal is to have at least 100 Friends
contributing at least $250 each year.

You can donate using a credit card or PayPal by clicking below.

Also, Member Associations can use this means of paying their Annual Assessment Fee. Please add 3% to the total to cover the cost of using this method and notify that you have done so.

Contributions can also be sent to “JPCP Inc.” using the donation form and clearly marked as a charitable contribution:

Journal of Pastoral Care Publications Inc.
c/o Reed, Quinn & McClure
2055 N Brown Rd, Suite 150
Lawrenceville, GA, USA 30043

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