Member Associations

membersMembership in JPCP Inc is open to professional associations and cognate organizations in the pastoral/spiritual care, counseling, and education movement under the following conditions.

All member organizations shall have the same rights. Agreement by an organization to provide each of its members with online access to The Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling shall ordinarily be a requirement of membership of such organization in JPCP Inc.  Pastoral/Spiritual Care, Counseling, and/or Education organizations that do not have a professional membership base may become members of the Corporation based on criteria to be established by the Board of Managers from time to time.

Current Member Associations
American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC)

The American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC) helps to bring healing, hope and wholeness that enhances the well-being of individuals, families and communities by helping our members provide spiritually informed and integrated counseling through collaborative, community-based services. AAPC provides professional development, community connections and other services to help grow the profession and improve the practice of pastoral counseling.

Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. (ACPE)

ACPE is a professional association committed to advancing experience-based theological education for seminarians, clergy and lay persons of diverse cultures, ethnic groups and faith traditions. We establish standards, certify supervisors and accredit programs and centers in varied settings. ACPE programs promote the integration of personal history, faith tradition and the behavioral sciences in the practice of spiritual care.

The Canadian Association for Spiritual Care/ Association canadienne de soins spirituels (CASC/ACSS)

CASC/ACSS is a national multifaith organization which is committed to the professional education, certification and support of people involved in pastoral care and pastoral counselling. We provide educational programs for lay persons and clergy who are preparing to become chaplains, pastoral counsellors, ministers, priests, or community based pastoral care workers. We also provide education and certification for supervisors and specialists. CASC/ACSS is concerned with a holistic approach to health care and personal development with a special focus on spiritual and religious care.

Coalition of Spirit-filled Churches

CSC is an incorporated, non-profit “religious endorsing body” ministry for a coalition of independent churches and groups of churches from Pentecostal, Renewal, and Charismatic traditions who have united for the exclusive purposes of the credentialing and promotion of Spirit-filled clergy and lay caregivers for pastoral care in specialized settings. These settings include, but are not limited to: the US Armed Forces; Veterans Affairs and civilian healthcare facilities; federal, state, and local correctional facilities; federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies; public and private schools; the workplace; and professional pastoral counseling practices.

The College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy Inc.(CPSP)

The College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy is a theologically based covenant community, dedicated to “Recovery of Soul.” CPSP offers Accredited Training and Credentialing in Pastoral Counseling, Pastoral Psychotherapy, Clinical Chaplaincy, and Pastoral Supervision.

Neshama: Association of Jewish Chaplains (NAJC)

NAJC, founded in 1989 as the National Association of Jewish Chaplains, strives to enhance the skills of Jewish Chaplains in order that they might provide quality Jewish religious and spiritual care. The NAJC is at the forefront of promoting the highest standard of professional training and practice for Jewish Chaplains.

National Institute of Business and Industrial Chaplains (NIBIC)

Business-Industrial Chaplaincy:

  • Is an interdenominational, ecumenical counseling ministry to people in business and industry, responding to individual and family needs, as well as work-life concerns such as job stress and career.
  • Is not a denominational promotion scheme, a preaching platform, a defense of paternalism, a labor or management tool, or competition for community services or agencies.
  • Is a preventive, as well as problem-solving, ministry and reaches out with concern to all people.
  • Is a carefully structured ministry of pastoral care conducted by carefully selected and trained ministers, working within the boundaries of cooperative and supportive business or industry.