Book Publishing Policy


JPCP Inc is committed to publication of new books and the re-publication of out-of-print books

  • That have the potential to contribute (or have demonstrated their ability to contribute) to the field of Pastoral/Spiritual Care, Counseling, and Education.
  • That have been approved by a carefully designed peer review process with specified criteria.
  • That can be published/re-published within JPCP Inc’s established financial structures (see below).
Publication Criteria
    1. JPCP Inc Bylaws (Article 3):
      • “JPCP Inc’s mission is to continue providing a forum through publications for sharing professional knowledge, experience, and innovative developments in pastoral/spiritual care, counseling, psychotherapy, and education.”
    2. JPCP Inc will publish out-of-print books whose copyright can be purchased at a reasonable price and
      1. that contain treasured and still relevant wisdom that can be used for professional development and/or for courses and/or training programs or
      2. that record (tell the story of) portions of the history of the Pastoral/Spiritual Care, Counseling, and Education movement.
    3. New books published by JPCP Inc will fall into the following categories
      1. Well-researched histories of the Pastoral/Spiritual Care, Counseling, and Education movement
      2. Pastoral/Spiritual Care, Counseling, and Education Theology/Theory and Practice
      3. Studies that contextualize in specific ways the practice of Pastoral/Spiritual Care, Counseling, and Education (culture, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.)
      4. Pastoral/Spiritual Research Methodology
      5. Pastoral/Spiritual Formation/Education
      6. Pastoral Theological and Spiritual/Religious Integration (Narrative, Theoretical, Artistic, etc.)
    4. While priority will be given to the work of senior scholars and practitioners, who are grounded in the Pastoral/Spiritual Care, Counseling, and Education movement, and to doctoral theses/dissertations of graduates of academic programs grounded in that movement, consideration will also be given to persons from other disciplines whose work is ethically, intellectually, and aesthetically consonant with that movement and has the potential to contribute to is development
    5. JPCP Inc’s book/monograph publishing program encourages the broadening of the range of literature available as resources for Pastoral/Spiritual Care, Counseling, and Education from religious traditions other than Christianity.
    6. Some books which meet the criteria listed above may not be published by JPCP Inc for a variety of reasons, including the limitations imposed by the staff and volunteer time available to manage the flow of the work involved.
JPCP Inc’s Financial Structure

JPCP Inc’s method of publishing/re-publishing books/monographs is the “print-on-demand” (POD) approach.

    1. Authors submitting the manuscript for a new book will pay an initial non-refundable review fee. The manuscript will be reviewed by JPCP Inc’s editorial staff to assess whether it is in publishable or near-publishable format. It will then be sent out for peer review by 3 members of JPCP Inc’s Editorial Committee at an additional fee. Based on those reviews, the Editor in Chief will recommend to the Board of Managers of JPCP Inc whether/not to proceed to publication.
    2. When a publication contract is offered to the author, s/he will be required to pay a stipulated amount which will cover the cost of final copy edit, publication and publicity in The Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling. If major copy editing is required, there may be an additional cost to the author.
    3. The manuscript will then be sent to JPCP Inc’s POD service provider.
    4. In addition to advertisement in The Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling, JPCP Inc will place an ordering link on its website – which will take the potential purchaser directly to JPCP Inc’s POD service provider. Further, the book will be listed on JPCP Inc’s list of books that is circulated at Professional Meetings and Conferences.
    5. The cost of the book will be established through consultation among JPCP Inc, the author, and the POD service provider.
    6. Periodically, as books are sold, 50% of the royalties will be remitted to the author and 50% will be remitted to JPCP Inc
    7. JPCP Inc will provide 3 free copies of the published book to the author